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Are you a producer of fantastic wine, spirits or other beverages?
Then we would love to know more about you. But first let us tell you a bit about us and the opportunities in the Scandinavian beverage market.

Obrini Beverage Company is an importer of beverages for the Swedish market but we also work with the other Scandinavian countries through collaborations with importers in the respective countries. Our products range from wine, spirits, beer to non-alcoholic beverages. Our main clients are the Monopoly, restaurants, hotel chains, bars, retail stores and on-trade all over Sweden.

The Scandinavian countries, except Denmark, are monopoly driven and it can be a bit tricky to understand how to enter the market. But once in the market, with an engaged importer and a solid plan for sales and distribution the returns can be substantial.

How the monopoly works in Sweden

Since Sweden has a monopoly for the sales of alcoholic beverages, all alcoholic beverages over 3,5 % sold to the public is sold through the monopoly stores, Systembolaget. There are about 480 stores all over Sweden. Beverages below 3,5 % can be sold directly in supermarkets and does not need be sold through the monopoly stores. Most of the high volume products on the shelf in the monopoly stores are purchased by the monopoly through tenders.

As an importer you are allowed to sell directly to the HORECA market without passing through the monopoly. Which means that there are possibilities to enter the market without winning a tender. With the right client targeting, a solid marketing plan and persistence you can do magic.

Get in touch if you wish to know more about us and the Scandinavian market, we would love to hear from you.

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